Where to Visit in Moscow?

Moscow is a perfect city to spend very good time full of entertainment and culture. Here is my recommendatition which I think it is a must to visit in Moscow. Obviously, the first place you should see is the Red Square and the Kremlin Palace nearby. The buildings you see around is impressive and they perfectly reflect how Russian empire was powerful. You should also visit Kremlin Palace museums. There are two main sections. The armory and diamond museum. Both are mesmerising and worth paying the tickets. It willl take at least 2 hrs to visit both.

The next place you should visit is the nearby Tverskaya street. This is the center of modern city and full of cafes, bars and shops. It is worth of walking and looking around.

Naturally, you have certainly heard about the fame of the beauty of the Russian girls. If you have intentions to meet a beautiful girl, do not hesitate and visit night clubs and communicate. They are eager in Western culture and will be interested in you if you approach them as a modern man. Saying a lovely "Privet, kak dela?" (Hi, how are you?) is a nice start for Russian dating.

Russian Girls Dating

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