Marriage ! American Men & Russian Women

Men from US and Russian women can be first regarded as two opposite sides but the reality is reality. They suit very well each other because of many obvious reasons. First of all, most Russian women lack the real care from Russian men in their own countries. Most Russian men are raised with very easy relation to sex, love and free behavior in their lifestyles. Most Russian men just don't care women much and tend to neglect them starting from their early 20s by emotionally. The divorce rate is very high in Russia. You can see that people are getting married at very young ages and unfortunately divorce in a few years. On the other hand, Russian women are very sentimental, dream of having a happy marriage life with the future husband and children. Eventhough they look like very free, with over self-confidence, they seek a man who will give them softness and trust.

Why American men is suitable to Russian Women?

Most American men who are looking for Russian ladies to marry are admiring the beauty and intelligence of Russian women. They care and treat women with respect, love. Russian women tend to devote themselves for a successful marriage and so for their husbands. American men will like this behavior. Who doesn't want to be loved by a wonderful, beautiful, charming and intelligent Russian woman.

Starting a good relation with Russian woman is easy. Try to show your interest on Russian culture, try to learn at least a few words in Russian language. Russian women will appreciate this well. I should add that Russian women are very talented at learning new languages. Their university life is high level and don't be surprised that if they can talk in multiple languages and still behave very modest about this!

Do not be afraid of cultural differences. Try to understand each other with love. Love is the key between a Russian lady and American man for a happy family life.

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The Most Extreme Sports in World - Russian Building-to-Snow Jump

Russian people are brave and doing crazy things regularly is just usual for most Russian youth. They just don't afraid trying extreme and find new, scary ways of entertainment. This video shows two guys jumping from the roof a building (very high, 5 floors) to the snow. Do not try this at home. If you are Russian, you are free to try for sure :)

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