Nazi Occupation Photos of Russian City Kharkov

Childrens playing around tanks Russian Children around a tank. These photos clearly show how an army invasion changes the life in the city. WW2 was hardest times for Russian people. Kharkov was also terribly affected.

Here is another impressive photo from WW2 times. Child and Tank

Long queues in front of traditional food stores of Soviets (Gastronom).

Kharkov WW2 Street Photo

Nazi Propaganda posters against Jews and Stalin

Nazi Propaganda in Kharkov

Red Hotel in Kharkov

Red Hotel Kharkov Russia History

Notice the language change in traffic signs as a result of the hard regime.

Nazi Traffic Signs WW2

Russian Culture Ice Sculpture Park

Russian Ice Sculpture Art If you are lucky enough to be in Moscow nowadays to feel legendary Russian beautiful summer girls, you should also definitely visit Krasnopresnenski Park to stop yourself from over melting :) A museum of ice sculptures is opened to reflect the some essentials of Russian culture with them. 90 tonnes of ice constantly kept cool below -10 Celsius degrees in a large 500 sqm area.

Sculptures are mostly about Russian tales, history and heroes. Here are a few to give an idea.

Moscow Ice Sculpture Park

Old & Modern Moscow Photos

It is an interesting collection of Moscow photos which shows how its streets changed during the history. Notice that most giant buildings were already built through 1930s to 1950s.

Novinskii Boulevard 1957 - 2008

Crimean Square during 1941 WW2 war times and 2008

Maraseyka Street 1940 - 2008

A Garage with almost no change (1937 - 2008)

A look to the Kremlin 1900 - 2008

Novinskii Boulevard

Garden Ring (Sadovoe Kaltso)

Russian Girls Dating

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