Cult Russian Movie Classic - Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears Poster Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears. It is a late Russian cinema masterpiece which has won Best Foreign Language Film Oscar and nominated for Golden Berlin Bear in 1981.

The story of three young girls who came to the capital of Soviet Russia in search of their fate. They play rich girls to impress the guys, and succeed in doing so. Katya (the protagonist) does not like the game, but still goes with the girls. But the truth is soon revealed, and Katya's boyfriend breaks up with her. She is pregnant and has to raise a kid alone in a tiny dorm room, and still try to get an education. The second part shows the three girlfriends 20 years later. I will not reveal more on the story.

The second part is definitely more heart touching and overall the movie also gives a real vision on Russian culture and life. A cult widely known by Russians and traditionally is shown on important national days on TVs. You will understand how really Russian people are emotional after you watch the cult Russian film.

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