Best Screen Protector for Electronics

This is amazing to see how technology can progress so fast in just a few years. I think the bulky cases for iphone, ipod and other mobile phones will go to the garbage. What I am talking is ZAGG's invisibleSHIELD. This is a nano-memory technology, scratch-proof, virtually indestructible patented film to protect our devices against any damages and scratches. Time to show off our gadgets and use them without fear.

invisibleSHIELD film was originally developed for the U.S. Military to protect helicopter blades against any dirt, scratches, dust and debris.

What I like most is that the ultra-thin film is only 0.2 mm thick and will not add bulk to your gadget. Suitable for most gadgets and devices including Cell Phones, iPods, Digital Cameras, Gaming Devices, GPSs, Laptops, Media Players, PDAs, Watches.

Protect your Digital Life from Scratches. Buy the invisibleSHIELD. Free Shipping. Lifetime Guarantee.

Girls of Miss Russia 2008

Traditionally, the beauty contest is held in Moscow but this time it was held in Petrozavodsk in Karelian region of Russia. Here are some photos from the contest. My personal favorite is Murmansk. She has the all cold beauty of this very far polar city which is famous for its nuclear submarines. Actually, I didn't like most of the girls this year, they don't reflect the legendary characteristics of Russian girls. By the way, how Russian girls graduate can take more attention than this. Check it also.

Once upon a time in Russia

Actually not far, just 15 years ago.. This is how people looked like and their fashion styles.

Scenes from Russian Marriages

Well, who says Russia and their people is cold? If you think that way I think you watch so much Rock Bilbao against Ivan Drago films :)) Russians know how to entertain themselves well even in serious situations like marriages. Viva Russia !

Alla Pugacheva - Russian Pop Music Diva

Alla Pugacheva is the iconic figure in Russian pop music history of latest 40 years. Beginning from 1965 she managed to stay as the most popular singer of both former Soviet Union and modern Russian Republic. She has given the highest honor one can reach in Soviet times, people's artist of USSR and currently she holds the highest number of musical record sales in Russia.

Here are some youtube videos of Alla Pugachova to know about her music more.

One Million Red Roses - 1976

Mne Nravitsya (I like) From the famous Russian film Ironiya Sudbi - Irony of Fate

With Her Daughter - Kristina Orbakaite

With Phillip Kirkorov after he divorced him singing together. He is also a very famous singer in Russia.

Russian Girls Dating

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