Music Festival in Russian Way !

Russian people adore entertainment of any type. No matter what the reason is there is always fun and pleasure to taste. This muddy music festival supported by cute Russian girls and drinks is just one them. Why didn't we know about it before to join the mud-fight?

Drunk Russian Guy : Exteremely Funny !

Well, this Russian guy was one of the most popular videos of the previous year. If you didn't see it yet, prepare to fall down from the chair by laughing. Don't forget to send it to your friends because they will be amazed as well how humorous can be a regular reportage video.

Kneeling down in front of Putin

Heheh, this is one of the best photos about the political situation in Russia I have ever seen. Humorous Russian youth are joking as they kneel down on the huge advertisement of Putin imitating prophet or God. It was written "Russia votes for Putin" on the billboard.

Best Book of Russian Cuisine

Well I was thinking that beets, cabbage, sour cream and potato are the only cookery of Russians but this book denied me. Please to the Table: The Russian Cookbook is amazing, containing recipes, hundreds of them, from Russian and all parts of the former Soviet Union, essays about the foods of each of the former Soviet republics. Do you also want to learn the comments about the Russian food from famous people including Lewis Carroll. Anton Checkhov, Alexander Dumas and more? Here we go!

A very authentic and filling Uzbek rice pilaf. Fresh zelyonie shchi (sorrel soup). Impossibly delicious Siberian pelmeni, Chebureki (Crimean lamb- or beef-filled half-moon pies, fried in oil and absolutely scrumptious) and other gems for pleasure.

Meeting Russian Ladies

10,000 Russian Single Women

I live more than 5 years in Moscow and easily say that I have found the happiness here. Before I was living in Istanbul and I call that years as mostly dry and without colors. Moscow is full of life and joy by the natural efforts of Russian women. They are not only as beautiful as angels but also very smart and educated. So, you can talk with them about anything. They have the highest self confidence but also highest care for their loved ones especially for their husbands. I am married to a Russian woman for more than 2 years and quite happy. I know a website where you can meet real Russian women for dating and later possibly for marriage. Anastasia International is the only Russian bride agency you can trust. The others are full of scams or have a small database of women.

Best Russian Language Learning Book for Beginners

I can admit that Russian language also seemed like an UFO at first to me but after seeing that it is very structured language I motivated and learned it at advanced level. The advantage is that you pronounce almost exactly the way you write and it is very joyful to see progress, beginning to understand Tolstoy in native language is a pleasure. The New Penguin Russian Course was my main helper to learn effectively. It has the best selling Russian language book and also has the best customer rating reviews.

Real systematic, very detailed, and leaves no blind spots in your knowledge of Russian.

Russian Girls Dating

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