Best Way to Sell Bacon and Sausages in Russia

Fantastic Siberia Photos

It is true that Siberia is wild and deadly frozen, but it also features many beautiful churches, castles and old villages. If you think that Russia is only Moscow, you should see these breath cutting beauty.

Arrival to frozen castle

Only Naughty French Maids Graduate in Russia

Year 2008. And there is no change in the hot (maybe fetish) graduation days of Russia. Fountain swimming, mini skirts, drunken girls, boys, french maid wearing style. Note that they are just high school graduates. We would like to see more Russian university students, ehmm I mean girls.

Until the next graduation year stay with RussiaMania blog. :) Here are the photos.

Guess Who This Russian Man Is ?!

I know you will be amazed when you see the last photo.

Угадайте кто это? (4 фото)

Угадайте кто это? (4 фото)

Угадайте кто это? (4 фото)

Yeah, new Russian president Dimitry Medvedev, successor of Vladimir Putin.

Угадайте кто это? (4 фото)

The Best Moscow Nightlife & Clubs Guide by Exile

Your search for the best club to get laid in Moscow and finish the night with a guaranteed score is over.

Exile, the most scientific online magazine about Moscow and Russia has the perfect list of clubs with pure educative descriptions. There are 3 important factors to grab a Russian chick from a club. Girl population, Face control wall and finally the Dirty Money. Honestly to say, we got the all useful information from in our first loser hungry duck style months in Moscow.

Needless to say, the club list is for Moscow fresh beginners before they begin falling in love with Brazilian chicks after a year of easy hunting.

Russian Soccer Hooligan Fight Video

Zenit Petersburg versus Spartak Moscow. Like a two medieval world army they approach each other and the fight begins instantly. Even though Russian people are not much hot soccer supporters in the stadiums, they are famous for their street group fightings. Here is the Russian hooligan video from Moscow streets:

Russian Girls Dating

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