Hot Russian Song Video Clip

This is a video clip of famous singer Arash with hot Russian Girls group named Blestyashiye (In English shiny girls). The song is very entertaining and fast beat. In English, it means that Eastern Tales. Goooo... We are for hot Russian girls !

Funny Beer Commercial : Ice Cold Falcon

This hilarious funny beer commercial shows us how people in Sweden see Russia and its people and surely their 'ice cold' beer.

A Typical Russian Graduation Day In Photos

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Graduation Day in all Russian schools is one of the most important holidays in Russia. Every city has its own tradition of what they will do today, but the most often scenario is surely a lot of alcohol and fountain swimming. They drink heavily and smoke especially for this day.

These are the uniforms they would wear in a soviet schools, nobody wears the uniform since 90-s, but the tradition to wear it on the graduation day still remains. They look like naughty French maids.

Many things that would be accepted as extreme in other countries (I don't especially mean eastern countries, but in European Union even), here is very usual and people are so used to that they don't give any attention.

Saint Petersburg Beach Photos

If you one day visit Saint Petersburg, do not forget to visit these clean, paradise beaches.

Russian Winter In Photos

We have now spring in Russia. But my friends, it is just for a short time. Illusion. The summer also will fade away very fast.

Well, You have certainly heard about the legendary Russian winter who saved the country in history at least two times (against Napoleon and Hitler) but didn't see it.

No problem. Seeing is believing. Look at these photos to get a clue.

A Russian man holds his head down as he walks at air temperatures of around -30 degrees Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) across Moscow's Red Square January 19, 2006. REUTERS/Alexander Natruskin

You think that you have seen a lot of snow in winter? How about this “extreme snow” - during Russian winter?

And then in spring when it starts melting… Cars drive around the streets like the boats thru small rivers.

Moscow winter without beautiful Russian girls would be hell.

So, she shows off the “typical” Russian winter attitude.

Did someone say “dirt won’t hurt?” Not in Russia. Well, if you find yourself halfway to a restaurant for dinner, and some of the filthy slush from the street splatters on your pants, you must go home and change. You will never get into any respected restaurant in this condition. Oh, and were your pants by chance khakis? Forget dinner, only jeans are allowed. The best policy to follow: when in Russia, do like the Russians and always dress your best.

A Fast Look to Russian Cuisine : Appetizers

These photos are the selection of the most consumed starter dishes in Russia for centuries : Vodka, Salty Pickles, Caviar, Fish, Onions, Boiled Potatoes, Sala (Fat of Meat), Blinni, Cheese

Russian Girls Dating

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