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Photos : Toys of Soviet Union

If you have relatives who lived in Soviet Times they will tell you many interesting things. Going from home to home, they have seen same cloths, same appliances, same machines, same furniture in the same buildings. And surely same toys for children. They are all mass produced by the factories under Communist Party regime without any modifications for years. All children had the same toys.

Have you ever heard about Khalkhin-Gol: The Battle that shaped World War 2

Just weeks before Hitler invaded Poland exactly in August 1939, the Soviet Union and Japan fought a massive tank battle on the Mongolian border - the largest the world had ever seen but later forgotten about it interestingly.

Under the command of legendary general Georgy Zhukov, the Soviets won a crushing victory at the batte of Khalkhin-Gol (known in Japan as the Nomonhan Incident). Defeat persuaded the Japanese to expand into the Pacific, where they saw the United States as a weaker opponent than the Soviet Union!

If the Japanese had not lost at Khalkhin Gol, they may never have attacked Pearl Harbor. They would try to enlarge into Soviet soil instead of Pasific.

Read more at Wikipedia about The Battle of Khalkhin Gol

Interesting Photo : Two Russian Traffic Police Cars Crash

Yeah, it is rare but true. Sometimes they will find each other even on a intercity road.

Also, do not forget to check the article about Russian Firemen who use Porsche to amaze once again!

Spanish Metro Station Cloned in Moscow!!

Please look carefully the following photographs below. Just a week ago, a new metro station was added to world famous Moscow subway system. Some smart Russian bloggers have investigated further and claim that it was exactly copied from the original Spanish one as architectural style.

Left one is Spanish, right is the new Moscow member. What do you think?

I personally want a 100% plagiarism free metro station in my lovely Moscow :)

Popular Club Anthem - Moscow Never Sleeps

Russian Vodka "Herr" is So Strange !!

It is written in Russian "Herr is with you" on the box.






Oh my God! Massive Lenin statue found in Antarctica

It is a very interesting discovery showing the power and the hands of Soviet Union up to where it reached.

Scientists trekking across a very little visited part of Antarctica have discovered the bizarre relic of the Soviet Union, our lovely Vladimir Lenin is dominating the South Pole of Inaccessibility. Read more

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