Russia warns US: We can build the missiles needed !

The head of Russian strategic missile forces warned yesterday that Moscow could restart production of short and medium-range missiles on short notice, amid fears of a renewed arms race.

"If a political decision is taken on creating such a class of missiles, obviously Russia will build them quickly. We have everything needed to do this," said General Nikolai Solovtsov, quoted by Interfax.

The warning came amid mounting tensions with the US over Washington's plans to place missile defense facilities in two countries that were ruled from Moscow in Soviet times, the Czech Republic and Poland. Read More >>

Source : Taipei Times

Another Miss 2007 Russia Beauty Competition

A new competition was held on 18 October in Kremlin Palace in Moscow. Many beautiful girls from different regions of Russia participated in the competition as if they need proof for their world-wide known beauty fame.
The winner was a secretary from a petroleum company, Natalia Andreeva. As a prize, she has taken a crown made from expensive and valuable jewelery and 150.000 rubles.
Congratulations Natalia !

As Russiamania we are so happy that we live in Moscow and have always chance to see the beauty from close sight :)

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Russian Firemen Ride Porsche SUV in Moscow

Russian firefighter squad is so cool that even they have a Porsche SUV !!

Deal : Russian instruments on NASA probes

The agreements signed by NASA Administrator Michael Griffin and Russian Space Agency chief Anatoly Perminov deal with putting Russian instruments on board NASA probes that would be sent to the moon and Mars.

"These two projects demonstrate the commitment by our countries to continue to look for opportunities where it's mutually beneficial to cooperate," Griffin said. "When these opportunities happen it's our intent to work together to bring them to fruition."

The first Russian instrument, called LEND, will be mounted on an unmanned NASA probe called Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, which is to be launched in October 2008 to search for possible sources of water under the moon's poles.

Dr. Gordon Chin, project scientist for LRO, said that the Russian instrument has won an international contest for the best such device for the mission.

A similar Russian instrument will be placed on a NASA rover that is to be sent to roam Mars in 2009.

Chin said the missions were important for choosing landing sites for future missions to the moon and Mars. "The LEND instrument allows us to be able to locate very specifically potential sites where resources such as water might exist," Chin said.

Source : AP

New Russian Living Complex : 4 Cigars

In Moscow, there is an obsession for construction. They build and build and never stop.

Дома-сигары (3 фото)
Дома-сигары (3 фото)

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