Russian space launch complex for South Korea

Local builders levelled out part of a hill to prepare the site for the construction of a space launch complex on the South Korean Pusan Island. This was needed, as the locality has a rough terrain and no flat surfaces, Alexei Gonchar, the director-general of the federal Design Bureau of Transport Machine-building, told reporters on Tuesday.
He said Russia designs a unique space launch complex on South Korea’s commission. “This is an unprecedented technological project, and work on it is in full swing,” he said.
“Under the contract, our enterprise will ensure the first two launchings of a booster rocket from the South Korean island,” he said, noting that specialists of the enterprise participate in the manufacture of the space launch complex only, while Russia’s Khrunichev centre, jointly with the South Korean side, will develop booster rockets.
South Korea, with Russia’s technological assistance, plans to launch from this complex its first booster rocket in late 2008. The booster will put on a near-earth orbit a multipurpose research satellite weighing up to 100 kilograms.

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