Russia to Have Spaceships to Explore Deep Space

Russia will soon have spaceships to explore deep space, Real Economy portal reported with reference to Anatoly Perminov, chief of Federal Space Agency, Roskosmos.

”The projects of new spaceships and boosters will appear in the nearest future. It won’t be just manned ships, but rather the transport systems facing the most vital mission – deep space exploration. The space stations could be their launching pads. The capacity of our Russia’s cosmodromes is expanding as well,” Perminov said.

The rocket and space industry of Russia is an integral component of the country’s economy, the official made clear. “As of today, Federal Space Agency entered into cooperation agreement with more than 40 regions of Russia. The main thing is that ordinary people all over Russia could use space results.”

Nowadays, over 40 states of the world make and launch space vehicles and more than 130 countries use results of space activities, according to Perminov. “But not all countries have space potential in full. Apart from Russia, they are the United Sates, China, India, Japan and united Europe. But only three of them, Russia, the United States and China, have technology and implement space programs,” Perminov pointed out, adding that Russia leads in number of booster launches. “In 2006, for instance, their share was roughly 40 percent of all launches worldwide,” Perminov emphasized.

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