Beauty of Russian Wooden Architecture

Архитектурный ансамбль Спасо-Кижского погоста, XVII в.

Old-Russian wooden architecture is the embodiment of beauty and truth of Russian being. Magnificent wooden ensembles of town fortresses with their blessed churches and belfries, peasant farmsteads with numerous household constructions, huts and barns represent the world of bygone Russia.

In olden days the major building materials were wood and clay, since they were in abundance. According to historians, clay bricks became widespread in Old Rus’ from the mid 10th century; as for wood, it was used for building construction from time immemorial. Wooden architecture became the basis of the peculiar style of Russian ancient architecture, which provided optimal combination of beauty and functionality.

Old masters kept special building technologies high. For many centuries the main, and often the only tool of builders was the axe. The saw tears wood-fibers, thus making them open for water. As for the axe, it crushes fibers and so seals the butt-ends. This is why saws were used only in joinery.

Часовня Михаила Архангела, XVII-XVIII в.

Церковь Воскресения, 1776 г. Суздаль (Музей деревянного зодчества)

Ветряная мельница. Деревня Волкостров (Насоновщина), 1928

Спасо-Преображенская церковь, XVII в.

Церковь Покрова Божией Матери (купол), XVII в

Часовня Михаила Архангела, XVII-XVIII в

Часовня Успения Богородицы, XVIII в.

Вознесенская кубоватая церковь, 1669 г. Село Кушерека Онежского района

Дом-двор Русиновой. Деревня Кондратьевская.

Часовня Трех Святителей, XVII в. Деревня Кавгора

Дом Сергеевой из деревни Липовицы, конец XIX - начало XX вв.

Спасо-Преображенская церковь (фрагмент), XVIII в. Суздаль (Музей деревянного зодчества)

Архитектурный ансамбль Спасо-Кижского погоста, XVII в.

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